Additional Adjustable Under Shelf For Work Table

Additional Adjustable Under Shelf For Work Table

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Add valuable storage space to your work table with this adjustable work table undershelf! This undershelf will work with all  tables to provide an extra shelf for storing frequently used items like prep tools, cutting boards, bar towels, oven mitts, pans, and trays. Since this shelf is adjustable, you can move it higher or lower to accommodate items of varying sizes.

Stainless Steel Under Shelf

WS-1424U 14"X24"X36"
WS-1430U 14"X30"X36"
WS-1436U 14"X36"X36"
WS-1448U 14"X48"X36"
WS-1460U 14"X60"X36"
WS-1472U 14"X72"X36"
WS-1824U 18"X24"X36"
WS-1830U 18"X30"X36"
WS-1836U 18"X36"X36"
WS-1848U 18"X48"X36"
WS-1860U 18"X60"X36"
WS-1872U 18"X72"X36"
WS-1896U 18"X96"X36"
WS-2020U 20"X20"X20"
WS-2424U 24"X24"X36"
WS-2430U 24"X30"X36"
WS-2436U 24"X36"X36"
WS-2448U 24"X48"X36"
WS-2460U 24"X60"X36"
WS-2472U 24"X72"X36"
WS-2484U 24"X84"X36"
WS-2496U 24"X96"X36"
WS-24120U 24"X120"X36"
WS-3030U 30"X30"X36"
WS-3036U 30"X36"X36"
WS-3048U 30"X48"X36"
WS-3060U 30"X60"X36"
WS-3072U 30"X72"X36"
WS-3084U 30"X84"X36"
WS-3096U 30"X96"X36"
WS-30120U 30"X120"X36"
WS-3648U 36"X48"X36"
WS-3660U 36"X60"X36"
WS-3672U 36"X72"X36"



Galvanized Under Shelf  

WG-1424U 14"X24"X36"
WG-1430U 14"X30"X36"
WG-1436U 14"X36"X36"
WG-1448U 14"X48"X36"
WG-1460U 14"X60"X36"
WG-1472U 14"X72"X36"
WG-1824U 18"X24"X36"
WG-1830U 18"X30"X36"
WG-1836U 18"X36"X36"
WG-1848U 18"X48"X36"
WG-1860U 18"X60"X36"
WG-1872U 18"X72"X36"
WG-1896U 18"X96"X36"
WG-2020U 20"X20"X20"
WG-2424U 24"X24"X36"
WG-2430U 24"X30"X36"
WG-2436U 24"X36"X36"
WG-2448U 24"X48"X36"
WG-2460U 24"X60"X36"
WG-2472U 24"X72"X36"
WG-2484U 24"X84"X36"
WG-2496U 24"X96"X36"
WG-24120U 24"X120"X36"
WG-3030U 30"X30"X36"
WG-3036U 30"X36"X36"
WG-3048U 30"X48"X36"
WG-3060U 30"X60"X36"
WG-3072U 30"X72"X36"
WG-3084U 30"X84"X36"
WG-3096U 30"X96"X36"
WG-30120U 30"X120"X36"
WG-3648U 36"X48"X36"
WG-3660U 36"X60"X36"
WG-3672U 36"X72"X36"